All About Salt Water Pools

There is nothing quite like swimming in the ocean. If you want to achieve this feeling in your own backyard, you will need a saltwater pool in Tampa. This type of pool can be a comfortable and relaxing alternative to other types of pool designs, but it is important to understand how they work. It helps to do some research on saltwater pools before you make a purchase so that you can be prepared to take care of it.

How They Work

There are two common misconceptions about saltwater pools: They do not contain chlorine and they are maintenance free. These pools do in fact contain chlorine, and they do require some maintenance. Instead of manually chlorinating your pool, your saltwater pool gets its chlorine from a chlorine generator. This is a passive, automatic, and reversible process . Your chlorine generator will constantly and naturally chlorinate your pool, so you do not have to go out and purchase chlorine to “shock” your pool yourself. It is important to keep in mind, however, that you still must monitor your salt levels.


Many people enjoy saltwater pools because the water is more comfortable. While it may not be exactly like swimming in the ocean, swimming in a saltwater pool feels better on your skin. Frequent swimmers know that chlorine can contribute to discomfort of the skin and eyes as well as changes in hair color; saltwat Saltwater Pool Tampa er pools will not produce these effects, and can actually be beneficial for those who suffer from allergies. This kind of pool is also advantageous in that it is cost effective, since you will not be buying any pool chlorine.


Although you may have heard of saltwater pools that feature a “maintenance-free” label, this is not exactly the case. You will need to balance the chemistry of your water in terms of stabilizer, pH, and alkalinity as well as monitor your salt levels. This maintenance is essential to the safe and proper functioning of your pool.

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