Factors to Consider for Your Swimming Pool Design

Whether you schedule a pool remodeling or hire pool builders to build a brand new swimming pool , you will need to start by designing your pool. The standard rectangle is always an option, but there are many other popular swimming pool designs in Tampa for you to consider. The pool will be the major visual element in your backyard, so you make sure you choose something that complements the design of your home. The three major factors to consider when it comes to pool designs are:


Pool size is the aspect where you have the least choice and flexibility. The size of your yard determines how large your pool can be. Your city or planned community’s building code might also have safety regulations that set a minimum deck width for in-ground pools, so check the code before you decide that you absolutely must install an infinity pool. Also, consider pool depth—if you have young children, consider building a shallower pool with a less dramatic deep end.


Many older pools are shaped like rectangles, though usually they have cut or rounded corners to create a less linear visual impact. If you swim laps as exercise and want to install a pool primarily for this purpose, a rectangle New swimming pool Tampa shape will suit your need best. But if you want to build a pool as a relaxing outdoor gathering spot for friends and family who don’t swim laps, you should consider irregular or rounded pool shapes that mimic natural ponds.

To create a truly stunning visual impact, there are many add-ons you can incorporate into your pool design. Pool waterfalls not only look beautiful, they can also form part of your pool’s chemical treatment system and help avoid stagnant water. Underwater lighting allows you to use your pool at night and also serves an important safety function. A pool heater will allow you to use your pool almost 365 days a year, and an adjacent hot tub will help you relax at the end of a long work day.

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