How to Calculate Swimming Pool Size

When you decide to install a pool in your home, pool builders serving Tampa will want to discuss several factors during the initial consultation before pool construction begins. The most basic and important is pool size. The size Pool construction Tampa and shape of your yard will determine how long, wide, and deep your pool can be.

Pool designs vary based on your intended purpose. Your pool contractors can help you determine which is best for you depending on your preferred activities. If you like to swim laps, you will need a longer pool. For games such as water polo, you want a smaller pool that is shallow at both ends and tapers to a greater depth in the middle. If you have young kids who like to splash around, a smaller, shallower pool with a more natural curved shape is best. If you like to lounge on pool floats, a large pool of any shape will suit your needs. Pool builders can help you decide on a good size for your yard and your needs.

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