What Is the Right Pool Deck Surface for You?

You have planned out the size and shape of your pool installation in Tampa and know exactly where it will be in your yard. The next step is to decide on a deck surface for your pool. There are many different options, but not all of them are right for everybody. It is a good idea to take a look at the pros and cons of each type of surface before you make a decision. Read on if you are interested in finding out what type of surface is the right pool deck surface for you.


It is important to choose a pool deck surface that looks nice, complements the pool itself, and requires maintenance that you can handle. It is also wise to choose a deck surface that is durable and can stand the test of time. Acrylic pool decks are popular because of their ease of maintenance and durability. Their ease Pool Installation Tampa of maintenance is one factor that actually contributes to their ability to last over time. Acrylic decks will also resist expansion and contraction due to temperature change, which makes them especially appropriate for pool decking. If you are looking for an easily maintained deck that can contribute to a contemporary design, consider acrylic decking.


Like acrylic pool decks, pavers are praised for their durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Unlike acrylic, however, pavers provide an entirely different aesthetic . Whereas acrylic decks fit into modern designs nicely, pavers can be a great choice if you have a more traditional pool design. Pavers may be a bit more expensive than acrylic decks, but they also tend to enjoy a longer working life. The aesthetic appeal and durability that pavers offer can contribute to an increased resale value should you eventually decide to sell your home.


If you are looking for a versatile material that can offer a wide range of designs, consider stamped concrete for your pool deck surface. You can also stain your deck to emulate other types of materials. It is wise to seal your deck with a nonslip additive to improve your poolside safety.

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