• How Does Pool Coping Work?

    pool coping, tampa pools Pool coping is the material that surrounds the shell of a vinyl or fiberglass pool in Tampa , FL. The pool coping of your in-ground pool connects your patio to the edge of your swimming pool, and prevents water from spilling out of the pool and flooding your patio. If you’re considering custom pool construction or pool remodeling, keep reading to learn more about pool coping and how it works.

    The Purpose of Pool Coping

    Pool coping serves two important purposes in custom in-ground pool construction. First, it connects the edge of your in-ground swimming pool to your patio in a functional and attractive way. Second, it protects your patio from water damage, and protects internal swimming pool structure from the surrounding patio and yard. Even if you don’t have a patio surrounding your swimming pool, pool coping can be an attractive feature that frames the pool and separates it from your backyard.

    Custom Pool Coping Materials

    When you begin working with your pool designers and custom pool builder on your swimming pool construction, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your pool coping materials. Pool coping can be constructed out of a variety of different natural and man-made materials. Concrete is one of the most popular pool coping materials, and you can opt for poured concrete, concrete pavers, pre-cast concrete, finished concrete, textured concrete, and stamped concrete. Pool coping can also be constructed out of decorative materials like clay, brick, tile, natural stone, or travertine stone. Your pool construction company may even be able to offer you pool coping material in a variety of colors.

    How to Design Your Pool Coping

    Your pool builder can use one of two different finishes for your pool coping. A square-edged finish is one with straight up and down edges. A bull-nosed finish has rounded edges. You and your pool designers can determine which finish is best based upon your aesthetic desires and who will be using the pool. If young children will be swimming in the pool, a bull-nosed edge is a safer option for your pool coping.

  • Why Should You Choose Patio Pools?

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    When you are seeking highly rated pool builders serving Tampa, look no further than Patio Pools . As one of the leading Tampa Bay pool builders, our company is sure to provide you with a fantastic experience as you design and build a brand new pool for your property. There are many reasons to choose our pool builders for your next project. With more than 28 years in the pool industry, we have the experience needed to guide you through every step of the pool building process. Our pool contractors proudly offer quality construction services, efficient build times, and a range of other services that set us apart from the competition. Additionally, we are proud to have a full range of qualifications and certifications for all of our pool building and design services. Whether you have been dreaming of a luxurious infinity pool or a pool for swimming laps, we will work closely with you to help you create the new pool that you have always wanted.

  • The Importance of a Balanced Pool

    swimming pool tampa, pool builder tampa, patio pools When you own a swimming pool, chances are that this feature is among the most popular outdoor features on your property. From outdoor entertaining to water sports and more, your pool will provide your family and friends with ample recreational opportunities. After your pool builders have constructed your new pool, you will need to purchase swimming pool supplies that will help keep your water clean and fresh. A store that offers pool supplies in Tampa can offer you all of the chemicals and other products that you need to keep your pool water properly balanced. Here is a closer look at the importance of having a balanced pool.

    Ensure Safety

    Safety is among the most important reasons to keep your swimming pool water balanced. Whether your pool builders create a salt water pool or chlorine pool for your home, you will need to check to make sure that the pH of your pool water is balanced at all times. In the event that your pool’s pH is not balanced correctly, harmful germs and bacteria could build up in your pool water and pose a health risk to you and your loved ones.

    Maintain Comfort

    Along with ensuring your safety when you are enjoying your pool, balanced pool water will also keep you and your family comfortable when you are swimming and playing in your pool. When pool water becomes too acidic or alkaline, you may experience redness, irritation, or discomfort around your eyes and on your skin. With the right pH balance, your pool water will be comfortable for all of your swimming sessions.

    Prevent Corrosion

    Corrosion is a top concern for many pool owners. If your pool’s ladders, liners, or other metal elements begin to corrode, you may find yourself planning an extensive pool remodel. To prevent corrosion in your pool, you can keep your pool water balanced at all times. With the right pool chemistry, you can avoid the damaging effects of corrosion in your pool. A company offering pool supplies can help you achieve the right pH balance in your pool’s water.

  • A Look at a Vanishing Edge Swimming Pool

    A vanishing edge pool is among the most luxurious and dramatic in ground pools that you can install in your backyard. When you are working with pool builders serving Tampa to create your pool designs, you may want to ask about incorporating a vanishing edge. With a vanishing edge, you will have an uninterrupted view of the beautiful scenery surrounding your property. For example, if your property has an ocean or mountain view, you can choose to highlight this property feature with a carefully placed vanishing pool installation. Your pool builders will work with you to help you create a vanishing edge pool that fits in perfectly with your property. For a closer look at a vanishing edge swimming pool, check out this video from Landscaping Network.