• Spotlight on Swimming Pool Tile

    pool tiles, custom pool tampa When you opt to use custom pool designers for your new pool near Tampa, FL , you’ll have the opportunity to choose every last detail of your in-ground pool design. Swimming pool tile can be used for aesthetic purposes and to protect your surrounding landscape and patio from your swimming pool’s water features.

    Ceramic tiles will also protect your swimming pool from fluctuating outdoor temperatures. Swimming pools contain chemicals that may cause the shell of your pool to begin to crack or chip when the water gets extremely hot or cold. Ceramic tiles are manufactured to withstand these temperature fluctuations without threatening the overall structure of your swimming pool.

    Both glass tiles and porcelain tiles can also be used in hot and cold climates. Porcelain tile doesn’t absorb heat or water, so it’s idea for use in swimming pool construction in particularly hot climates. When you begin working with your swimming pool designer, he or she will go over all of your swimming pool tile options and help you choose the best one for your pool design, budget, and climate.

  • The Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

    outdoor kitchen Outdoor kitchens can be terrific investments for any property. When you are seeking an attractive and inviting upgrade for your backyard space, you should be sure to talk to your pool builder about your outdoor kitchen options. There are many great benefits to installing an outdoor kitchen next to your pool. With this wonderful outdoor addition, you will be able to easily cook and entertain your guests. Additionally, an outdoor kitchen will also dramatically increase the value of your home. Finally, when you use an outdoor kitchen to prepare your meals, you may also be able to save money on your monthly utility bills! Look for an outdoor kitchen builder near Tampa, FL that will be able to assist you with every step of the outdoor kitchen design and installation process. After your outdoor kitchen installation is completed, you will be able to relax and enjoy time preparing meals in the beauty of your backyard.

  • Understanding the Basics About Swimming Pools

    pools tampa, swimming pool, custom pools Before you hire a pool builder for custom pool construction near Tampa, FL , you should make sure that you know some basics about swimming pools. A custom built in-ground swimming pool will provide you and your family with opportunities for fun, relaxation, and exercise. Swimming pools can also significantly increase the resale value of your home. Here is some helpful info on swimming pool basics.

    Different Types of Swimming Pools

    The most popular type of swimming pool is the in-ground swimming pool. An in-ground swimming pool is located in the ground, rather than being constructed above ground. You can determine the size of your in-ground swimming pool based upon your budget, how you will use the pool, and your available space. If you are primarily going to use your pool for exercise, you may want a larger lap pool. If you have young children, you may want to consider a small, shallow swimming pool.

    Custom Pool Construction

    You should work closely with your custom pool builder during your pool construction. You and your pool designer can decide on a shape for your new pool that works best with your backyard design and your swimming pool needs. Your pool builder will help you determine what your pool lighting and heating needs are. You can also decide whether you want any custom pool extras, such as a hot tub, swimming pool waterfall, or other swimming pool water features.

    Swimming Pool Location

    The location of your swimming pool primarily depends upon your backyard design, and the features that you want to have surrounding your pool. If your custom pool construction includes a patio, a cabana, or an outdoor kitchen, you’ll need to allow quite a bit of space around the swimming pool. A secluded pool provides privacy and will make your swimming pool area feel more luxurious than a residential pool. If you have young children, however, you might want to construct your custom pool closer to the house so that it’s easier to keep an eye on it.

  • A Look at Pool Closing Chemicals

    If you recently installed an in-ground pool near Tampa, FL , you’ll need to close your pool properly for the winter. Before doing so, you’ll need to make sure that all of the chemical levels of your pool are within the appropriate range by conducting swimming pool testing. A few days before you close your pool, you can add sanitizer and algaecide to protect your pool during the winter.

    Watch this video for a tutorial on pool closing chemicals and the pool closing process. If you have any questions about how to service your pool before closing it, you can contact your custom pool builder.