Designing a Layout for Your Pool Deck

pool deck, patio pools, designing a pool, above ground pool Whether you’re designing a brand-new custom swimming pool or remodeling your existing inground pool, be sure to give plenty of focus and attention on the design and layout of the deck. Pool decking adds another element to your swimming pool area, providing space for sunbathing, entertaining, or just relaxing. Your residential pool contractor in Tampa, FL can help you design a deck that complements the overall layout and design of your new or remodeled inground swimming pool. In the meantime, here’s a look at the important factors to consider when designing a new pool deck.

Outdoor Living Space

In order to design a deck that allows you to entertain friends and family, consider your outdoor living space as a whole and design your deck to accommodate the various features of your current or planned outdoor space such as an outdoor kitchen or fire pit. You want to have enough deck space for different lounging and entertaining areas, as well as paths to the different areas of your outdoor living space .

Sun and Shade

Another consideration when designing the layout of a new pool deck is the amount of sun and shade in your backyard at different times of the day. You’ll want to design your deck to capture the most amount of sunlight as possible, and include extendable or removable shade structures to cool down your guests if the sun gets too warm. You might also design a permanent shade structure in an area of the deck that gets sunlight all day, and keep the areas around it more open for sunbathing.

Privacy Considerations

The lounging areas of a deck should be as far removed from your neighbors’ property as possible to increase privacy and limit disruptions. Vegetative plants and running water features can also help dampen sounds created by your pool activities, which can help keep your neighbors happy.

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