• The Health Benefits of Swimming in Your Pool

    health benefits, swimming healthy, swimming benefits Swimming in pools can be a lot of fun, and it can provide you and your friends and family with hours of entertainment. There are also many health benefits that come along with installing inground pools in Tampa, FL . Whether you jump into your new pool to exercise or not, you will be giving your body a workout every time you spend time in your pool. Here are just a few of the health benefits that you will enjoy when you are inside of it.

    More Muscle Tone

    When you run around a track or get on a bike and ride around a park, you are giving your body a workout, but unfortunately, you’re only working out specific parts of your body. Your legs are usually forced to do the bulk of the work during those exercises, and you won’t be able to work out your arms much when you’re doing them. With swimming pools, you will get a total body workout because your entire body will be forced to work to propel you through the water. It will increase the muscle tone in various parts of your body, and you will quickly see why so many people use pools to workout.

    Better Flexibility

    When you swim in a residential pool, you will workout more than just your muscles. Your joints and ligaments will also need to stay loose in order for you to make movements in the pool. From your knees to your hips to your elbows, you will stretch your joints and ligaments out every time you are in the pool. This will help you to become more flexible over time, and it will also put less strain on your joints and ligaments than running or walking would.

    Healthier Heart

    It might not necessarily feel like it when you’re doing laps in your swimming pool, but swimming is an aerobic exercise that will help to strengthen your heart . You might not recognize it since you aren’t breaking a sweat in the pool, but you will be pushing your heart and making it healthier when you swim.

  • Choosing Water Features for Your Pool

    swimming pool, pool features, water features, in ground swimming pool, custom swimming pool One of the benefits of designing a custom in-ground swimming pool is that you can include elements and features that are either unavailable (or incompatible) with drop-in plastic pool shells. Water features, for example, can bring a whole new dimension to your swimming pool. To choose water features that you’ll get the most enjoyment out of, consider how you plan to use your swimming pool. For instance, if your pool will be a fun oasis for your family, playful water features such as waterfalls and jets will be a good choice. On the other hand, if your pool will be for adult relaxation, calming water features like bubblers and water walls are ideal.

    If you’re in the process of designing your dream swimming pool, work with an experienced swimming pool construction company in Tampa, FL . In addition to bringing your dream pool to life, a custom pool builder can help you choose the best features for your new pool, including accessories and design elements that you might never have considered on your own. A custom pool construction company can also help you design an outdoor living space around your new swimming pool if you want to completely transform the look and feel of your backyard.

  • What You Need to Know about Pool Financing

    pool dollar, pool cost, pool financing, swimming pool investment A custom in-ground swimming pool is a great investment in your home. Not only will a pool provide your family with countless fun and enjoyment, but can also improve the value of your home and make your property more desirable to potential homebuyers if you ever decide to put it on the market. But a custom-built swimming pool in Tampa isn’t cheap, which is why most people finance the construction of their dream pool. Here are a few things you should know about pool financing, including how to secure the best rate on a new pool loan.

    Sources of Pool Financing

    Although you don’t need to obtain a loan from a lender that deals specifically with pool financing, you may be able to get a better rate and get approved for a higher amount from a lender who understands how much a customer pool costs. That being said, you should shop around and compare loan amounts to find a pool loan that offers you the best terms. Your Tampa pool builder can recommend lenders to help you finance your pool construction.

    How to Get a Great Rate

    Getting a good deal on a pool loan is no different than any other type of loan. Before you apply for pool financing, check your credit report and fix any errors that might be negatively affecting your credit score . It’s also important that you shop around and compare rates, since different lenders will offer different terms so you never know how good of a rate you can get unless you look around.

    What You Can Finance

    When you get a pool construction loan, you can use it to finance every aspect of your new swimming pool as well as any additional features such as a spa, outdoor kitchen, or fire pit. That’s why it’s important to consult with a pool builder and finalize the design of your inground swimming pool and outdoor living space to get an accurate quote so you can get a loan amount that covers the entire build.

  • How to Maintain Your Spa

    Your hot tub offers a relaxing escape from the stresses of life, but only if it’s properly cared for and maintained. Fortunately, hot tub maintenance is easy enough that you don’t need to hire a professional to keep your spa clean and running like it should. Watch this short video for 10 essential spa maintenance tips that can extend the life of your hot tub and help you get more enjoyment from your spa.

    If you want to keep your pool and spa clean and inviting, Patio Pools in Tampa, FL offers all the chemicals, cleaning tools, and equipment needed to maintain your pool and spa. Patio Pools also specializes in pool and spa remodeling, which means you can transform your existing backyard design into the outdoor living space of your dreams. Visit Patio Pools for additional pool and spa maintenance tips, or call (813) 962-0374 to get a quote on pool remodeling or new swimming pool construction in Tampa.