• Giving Your Old Pool New Life with Pool Remodeling

    pool tampa, pool builder tampa, pool construction If you have ever looked at your pool and wished you could spruce it up , then consider pool remodeling in Tampa, FL. Whether you want a simple change or a more complex one, your pool can be updated in a number of effective ways. From more energy efficiency to greater safety, you will love your newly remodeled pool for many years to come.

    Better Efficiency

    Technology takes leaps and bounds in just a few years. You might have outdated pool equipment installed that is actually costing you more money from poor energy use. Or, your equipment may not be running at peak capacity due to age or damage. Performing regular maintenance on your pool will keep your filtration systems, heaters, and cleaners in perfect running order. You may consider installing alarms and surveillance systems for better protection. Alarms can be set up at the house door, pool fence, and even inside the pool. These alarms can alert you whenever someone enters without your knowledge. If you have young children or animals, an alarm system around your pool will keep your mind at ease.

    Better Decking

    Decking materials are made to withstand the elements for several years, but, like everything else, they can fade or become damaged with time and use. This damaged or dingy façade can detract from your beautiful pool; remodeling your decking will keep your pool and entire backyard looking pristine for a long time.

    Better Shapes

    With pool remodeling, your custom pool builder can completely change the shape of your pool. Maybe you have a lap pool, but you would like a pool better suited for large parties and diving. No matter your desire, your pool builder can easily reshape and redesign your entire landscape. Even if you would like some new water features added—such as fountains, waterslides, or a hot tub—your pool will look and feel completely different.

  • How to Choose New Pool Water Features

    pool water feature, pool features tampa, pool builder tampa, pool company tampa One of the easiest ways to enhance the appeal of your swimming pool is to add special water features. A fountain, artificial spring, or pool can turn your yard into an attractive oasis from the Florida heat. However, you should plan carefully before installing a new water feature. Poorly conceived water features can be a drain on resources. Always consult a reputable company offering custom pool construction near Tampa, FL , for advice on the most appropriate water features for your property. There are a few factors you should bear in mind before installing a new water feature.

    Check Your Water Source

    If possible, make sure your water feature runs on reclaimed or recycled water. This is both more economical and better for the environment. You may wish to take advantage of natural run-off from a roof or other drainage system. Install a pan, bucket, or other receptacle to collect excess water that spills out around your water feature and funnel it back into the fountain or pool. If you are using a water pump, ensure that the pump has an automatic shut-off mechanism, to turn off the feature if water levels run too low. Check weather advisories regularly and keep abreast of local legislation. Switch off your water feature in the event of a drought. Even if you are using recycled water, water features do use up water reserves, since some water will evaporate during each cycle.

    Maintain Your Water Feature Carefully

    Keep your water feature in good condition. Check all piping and tubing regularly for leaks. Pay special attention to linkage points. Leaky tubing wastes water and prevents the water from flowing smoothly and evenly. Drain the system twice a year. Wipe down all surfaces carefully and clean all tubing. Avoid using harsh chemical cleansers which may contaminate groundwater. Check regularly for mosquito larvae to prevent an infestation of troublesome mosquitoes which may carry disease.

  • A Look at Some Fun Facts About Swimming Pools

    backyard pool, swimming pool, residential pool tampa fl, pool builder tampa Most people enjoy cooling off in or around swimming pools in Tampa, FL , in our hot, humid, Florida climate. There are a number of fun facts you may not know about pools and pool culture. For example, did you know that Florida is the only state which requires swimming instructors to be legally qualified to teach swimming?

    Different Kinds of Pools

    Swimming pools are popular in many countries in the world. In New Zealand, for example, there are 65,000 swimming pools for a total population of only 4,116,900. That’s one pool for approximately every 633 people. In addition to residential swimming pools, there are specially designed swimming pools for competitive sports. NCAA swimming pools have a regulation length of 25 meters. These pools are also known as short course pools. Olympic pools, by contrast, are 50 meters long. Olympic pools contain between 700,000 and 850,000 gallons of water. Swimmers also classify pools by speed. A pool is considered fast if relatively few waves form while swimming. Waves increase water resistance and slow swimmers down. To minimize waves and drag, fast pools use gutters to create an efficient drainage system. Deeper pools have fewer waves than shallower ones.

    Pools Old and New

    The first known concrete swimming pool in the United States was constructed in Texas in 1915 and is known as the Great Eddy Swimming Pool. Home swimming pools became popular in American after the Second World War, partly as a result of the fame of the actress and synchronized swimmer Esther Williams. MGM screened a number of popular musicals featuring synchronized swimming in the 1940s and 50s. Synchronized swimming was later to become an Olympic sport. It was first included in the 1984 Olympic Games. The outdoor swimming pool at the White House was built by order of then-president Gerald Ford in 1975. One year later, a secret passage was added, allowing the First Family and their visitors to access the pool without having to go outside.

  • Caring for Your Pool Chemistry

    If you own a residential pool in Tampa, FL , watch this video for some tips on how to maintain a healthy chemical balance in your pool. The video begins by explaining the process known as “shocking,” or superchlorinating, the pool. This involves adding a large dose of chlorine to the pool two to four times a month. This helps to kill off any harmful bacteria and algae which may have built up in the water. It also helps to dissolve and clear away debris from sunscreen, sweat, leaf litter, plants, urine, and other substances which may have polluted the water.

    The presenter stresses that daily chlorination is insufficient. In order to keep your pool free from organic waste matter, you should shock it on a regular basis. The video explains that, left untreated, the organic waste can cause red eye and unpleasant odors.