A Look at Some Fun Facts About Swimming Pools

backyard pool, swimming pool, residential pool tampa fl, pool builder tampa Most people enjoy cooling off in or around swimming pools in Tampa, FL , in our hot, humid, Florida climate. There are a number of fun facts you may not know about pools and pool culture. For example, did you know that Florida is the only state which requires swimming instructors to be legally qualified to teach swimming?

Different Kinds of Pools

Swimming pools are popular in many countries in the world. In New Zealand, for example, there are 65,000 swimming pools for a total population of only 4,116,900. That’s one pool for approximately every 633 people. In addition to residential swimming pools, there are specially designed swimming pools for competitive sports. NCAA swimming pools have a regulation length of 25 meters. These pools are also known as short course pools. Olympic pools, by contrast, are 50 meters long. Olympic pools contain between 700,000 and 850,000 gallons of water. Swimmers also classify pools by speed. A pool is considered fast if relatively few waves form while swimming. Waves increase water resistance and slow swimmers down. To minimize waves and drag, fast pools use gutters to create an efficient drainage system. Deeper pools have fewer waves than shallower ones.

Pools Old and New

The first known concrete swimming pool in the United States was constructed in Texas in 1915 and is known as the Great Eddy Swimming Pool. Home swimming pools became popular in American after the Second World War, partly as a result of the fame of the actress and synchronized swimmer Esther Williams. MGM screened a number of popular musicals featuring synchronized swimming in the 1940s and 50s. Synchronized swimming was later to become an Olympic sport. It was first included in the 1984 Olympic Games. The outdoor swimming pool at the White House was built by order of then-president Gerald Ford in 1975. One year later, a secret passage was added, allowing the First Family and their visitors to access the pool without having to go outside.

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