How to Choose New Pool Water Features

pool water feature, pool features tampa, pool builder tampa, pool company tampa One of the easiest ways to enhance the appeal of your swimming pool is to add special water features. A fountain, artificial spring, or pool can turn your yard into an attractive oasis from the Florida heat. However, you should plan carefully before installing a new water feature. Poorly conceived water features can be a drain on resources. Always consult a reputable company offering custom pool construction near Tampa, FL , for advice on the most appropriate water features for your property. There are a few factors you should bear in mind before installing a new water feature.

Check Your Water Source

If possible, make sure your water feature runs on reclaimed or recycled water. This is both more economical and better for the environment. You may wish to take advantage of natural run-off from a roof or other drainage system. Install a pan, bucket, or other receptacle to collect excess water that spills out around your water feature and funnel it back into the fountain or pool. If you are using a water pump, ensure that the pump has an automatic shut-off mechanism, to turn off the feature if water levels run too low. Check weather advisories regularly and keep abreast of local legislation. Switch off your water feature in the event of a drought. Even if you are using recycled water, water features do use up water reserves, since some water will evaporate during each cycle.

Maintain Your Water Feature Carefully

Keep your water feature in good condition. Check all piping and tubing regularly for leaks. Pay special attention to linkage points. Leaky tubing wastes water and prevents the water from flowing smoothly and evenly. Drain the system twice a year. Wipe down all surfaces carefully and clean all tubing. Avoid using harsh chemical cleansers which may contaminate groundwater. Check regularly for mosquito larvae to prevent an infestation of troublesome mosquitoes which may carry disease.

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