• Choosing a Pool Builder

    Hiring a custom pool builder near Tampa, FL , isn’t a complicated experience, as long as you do your homework ahead of time. As you can see in the video, there are only five tips to consider when hiring a builder to build you an amazing swimming pool.

    When you’re looking for an experienced custom pool builder, look for a good reputation, credentials and licensing, and getting the most responsible bid for your project. Ask your friends for recommendations, and also ask for references from each pool builder you contact. Once you’ve established their credibility, look for the most responsible bid for your swimming pool. This may not mean it’s the cheapest or the most expensive bid. The bid should be for everything you want, with quality construction, at a reasonable price.

  • Why In-Ground Swimming Pools Are Worth the Investment

    swimming pool, patio pools, tampa pools There isn’t much question that swimming pools in Tampa, FL , are a great investment. The financial positives are a great incentive to install a pool, but there are plenty of other benefits you will find once your in-ground pool is built. If you have been on the fence regarding a swimming pool installation, don’t be afraid to jump off and into your new pool. Here are a few of the many reasons why you will be glad you invested in a swimming pool.

    Healthier Lifestyle

    Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for yourself. The water creates a perfect and constant resistance as you swim laps, creating long and lean muscles throughout your body. You are constantly moving, so you are always building your heartrate up and getting your daily recommended cardio. Both of these benefits make for the perfect exercise to get in shape. Even playing around in the pool with your friends and family can provide great cardio, and it will go a long way toward a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

    Healthier Relationships

    The swimming pool is the perfect family gathering spot. The kids can splash around in the pool, while the parents soak in the hot tub or next to the swimming pool waterfalls. Everyone can engage in a rousing game of “Marco Polo” or volleyball. When you host a party, all of your friends will gather and play in the pool. This time spent playing and lounging in the pool will make memories and solid relationships that will last a lifetime.

    Healthier Equity

    When you install a swimming pool, your home equity and value can increase significantly. The price you paid to install your pool will definitely pay off when you decide to sell your home. Prospective buyers will see your gorgeous pool, with its many water features, and the surrounding landscape. Those buyers will want that pool for themselves, and you might have a healthy profit from selling your home and pool.

  • How Does Weather Impact Your Pool Installation

    swimming pool, tampa pool builder Weather changes can affect any type of remodel or pool construction in Tampa, FL . Changes may slow down the building process, or they can halt construction altogether. Your custom pool builder will work with you on the best days and times in order to complete your pool in a timely manner.

    Some rain, and other light weather conditions, may not impact pool construction. Contractors may still be able to work in these mild conditions, though the process might slow down a little to account for safety. When the weather becomes severe, such as a lightning storm or hurricane, construction may halt. In these dangerous conditions, your pool cannot safely be built.

    Once you have made the decision to build your swimming pool, your contractor will explain the process and building schedule to you. This may include the anticipated weather reports and solutions to any possible problems the weather may bring. If you have any questions, consult your pool contractor.

  • Using Your Pool for Weight Loss

    Your inground pool in Tampa, FL, is the perfect tool for losing weight. As the short video explains, swimming in your pool provides a low-impact, high-cardio exercise. Swim in your custom pool every day, or every other day, for optimum results. Your swimming session should last for at least an hour, but be sure to build up to it by resting when you need to. Set goals for yourself in the form of more laps and quicker times. As you reach your goals each week or two, set new ones. Also, pair your swimming exercise with a healthy diet plan to achieve maximum weight loss results.