• Circulating Your Pool Water

    Your residential pool requires regular upkeep, and part of that is ensuring that your patio pool has good circulation. Swimming pools are designed to pull water through the suction lines into the wet end portion of the pump, which includes a strainer lid, gasket, diffuser, basket, impeller, and shaft seal. The water is moved out of the pump and into the filter and finally, back into the pool. Watch this video to learn more about circulating your pool water.

    Pumps are sized according to horsepower. If you notice bubbles moving back from the return lines into the pool, there’s a good chance that your pool’s pump basket is filled with debris and is preventing enough water from circulating through the system. Other causes can be a cracked pump lid or a worn down gasket which both allow air into the system. If you recognize or suspect any problems with your pool pump, contact a pool repair company in Tampa, FL.

  • Features to Include with Your New Pool

    pool design tampa, pool builder tampa When you choose a custom built pool in Tampa, FL , you’ll have the chance to design a personal, backyard oasis with the features you prefer. From lighting and heating to safety and cleaning, you have plenty of options to choose from to customize your patio pool environment.

    Pool Lighting

    You can make the most of Florida sunsets by enjoying your new pool at dusk and into the evening. Select from fixed single-color, combination, and multi-colored pool lighting to add atmosphere and better visibility to your new pool.

    Pool Heating

    Pool heating extends your pool season by keeping the water warm as you enter the cooler months and ensures that you can enjoy your pool despite any swings in the temperature. You can select from several options such as high-performance electric pumps, eco-friendly and heavy duty units, or environmentally friendly solar-powered heaters. Today’s pool heaters are compact, energy efficient, and offer quiet operation.

    Outdoor Kitchens

    To bring the party and fun outside, include an outdoor kitchen in your new backyard pool design. Custom outdoor kitchens make it easy to host weekend barbeques and bring the whole family together outside with the added benefit of not heating up the house.

    Pool Safety

    When you design your custom pool, you’ll have the chance to include options that keep your family safe, such as safety fences and alarms, as well as features that keep them comfortable such as screened enclosures that will shield them from flies and mosquitoes.

    Pool Maintenance

    To keep your pool beautiful and safe, regular maintenance is necessary. You can reduce how frequently you need to clean your pool by including The Polaris 360 automatic pool cleaner as one of your new pool features. This advanced, pressure-side cleaner operates free of a separate booster pump and is suitable for all in-ground pools. You can count on The Polaris 360 to scrub, sweep, and vacuum every surface of your pool and to collect pebbles, leaves, and other debris in the process.

  • Answers to Your Pool Questions

    swimming pool tampa, pool builder tampa It’s common for homeowners who are considering a new patio pool near Tampa, FL to have questions about the pool installation process . Here, you’ll find answers to a few frequently asked questions about new pool installations.

    • How long will it take? Your pool contractors want to give you a safe, sturdy, and beautiful pool in as little time as possible. On average, a pool can be completed in 21-29 working days after breaking ground.
    • Will a curved pool cost more than a rectangular one? Pools designed with curves aren’t necessarily more expensive than other shapes because the cost is determined by square footage, linear footage, materials, and any special options you select.
    • Can the weather affect construction? In Florida, extreme weather conditions can occur during certain seasons and can influence the ability of contractors to work outdoors. Your pool building company in Tampa, FL will keep in contact with you about any delays due to weather.

  • A Look at the Pool Building Process

    pool construction tampa, pool company tampa If you’re thinking about diving into new pool construction in Tampa, FL, you probably have questions about how custom pools are built. Use this guide to gain a better understanding of the pool building process and what to expect from your pool builder.

    Evaluation and Design

    The construction of your new pool begins with an onsite evaluation to check for any elevation or grading issues that could be a problem for pool installation. Your contractors will also confirm that any necessary utilities are available and that the trucks and equipment can get through to the build site. Next, upon signing your construction contract, you’ll visit the design center to make decisions about deck color, tile choice, interior finish, and other pool features.

    Layout and Excavation

    After settling on your pool design, the build site will be prepared for excavation with stakes that mark the pool’s outline. Your construction company will then bring heavy equipment onsite to begin digging out the pool’s shape, and steel rebar will be used to create the frame for the concrete shell which will be established after a building inspection.

    Plumbing and Electric

    Next, equipment will be used to level the area around the pool for your deck’s foundation, and soon after a crew will arrive at the site to place tile, install brick, build footers, and install any necessary plumbing and equipment. At this point, a plumbing pressure and electrical bonding inspection will be performed. After the inspection, you’ll be contacted by an electrician who will be responsible for hooking up your pool maintenance equipment.

    Deck and Completion

    With everything else installed, your deck’s concrete will be poured, and the building crew will install the paver bases and pavers if you’ve selected any. Next, your deck will be textured and sealed twice. If you’ve opted to include a screen enclosure, a safety fence, or safety alarms, they will be installed at this time. The last steps of the pool building process are a cleanup of your yard, a final building inspection, and starting up the pool equipment which can be done by a qualified technician.