A Look at the Pool Building Process

pool construction tampa, pool company tampa If you’re thinking about diving into new pool construction in Tampa, FL, you probably have questions about how custom pools are built. Use this guide to gain a better understanding of the pool building process and what to expect from your pool builder.

Evaluation and Design

The construction of your new pool begins with an onsite evaluation to check for any elevation or grading issues that could be a problem for pool installation. Your contractors will also confirm that any necessary utilities are available and that the trucks and equipment can get through to the build site. Next, upon signing your construction contract, you’ll visit the design center to make decisions about deck color, tile choice, interior finish, and other pool features.

Layout and Excavation

After settling on your pool design, the build site will be prepared for excavation with stakes that mark the pool’s outline. Your construction company will then bring heavy equipment onsite to begin digging out the pool’s shape, and steel rebar will be used to create the frame for the concrete shell which will be established after a building inspection.

Plumbing and Electric

Next, equipment will be used to level the area around the pool for your deck’s foundation, and soon after a crew will arrive at the site to place tile, install brick, build footers, and install any necessary plumbing and equipment. At this point, a plumbing pressure and electrical bonding inspection will be performed. After the inspection, you’ll be contacted by an electrician who will be responsible for hooking up your pool maintenance equipment.

Deck and Completion

With everything else installed, your deck’s concrete will be poured, and the building crew will install the paver bases and pavers if you’ve selected any. Next, your deck will be textured and sealed twice. If you’ve opted to include a screen enclosure, a safety fence, or safety alarms, they will be installed at this time. The last steps of the pool building process are a cleanup of your yard, a final building inspection, and starting up the pool equipment which can be done by a qualified technician.

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