Circulating Your Pool Water

Your residential pool requires regular upkeep, and part of that is ensuring that your patio pool has good circulation. Swimming pools are designed to pull water through the suction lines into the wet end portion of the pump, which includes a strainer lid, gasket, diffuser, basket, impeller, and shaft seal. The water is moved out of the pump and into the filter and finally, back into the pool. Watch this video to learn more about circulating your pool water.

Pumps are sized according to horsepower. If you notice bubbles moving back from the return lines into the pool, there’s a good chance that your pool’s pump basket is filled with debris and is preventing enough water from circulating through the system. Other causes can be a cracked pump lid or a worn down gasket which both allow air into the system. If you recognize or suspect any problems with your pool pump, contact a pool repair company in Tampa, FL.

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