• What to Consider Before You Have Your Pool Remodeled

    Swimming pools offer fun and relaxation during the sunniest days of the year. Whether you have moved into a home that has an older pool or you are considering an upgrade for your current installation, pool remodeling is a terrific way to spruce up your background. A pool builder that specializes in building quality swimming pools near Tampa, FL can assist you during every stage of your remodeling project. From upgrading your pool deck to replacing your pool liner, you will have many possible projects to consider during the initial planning stages of your remodel. To help you gather information, here is a look at what you may want to consider before you have your pool remodeled. pool - remodeling

    Appearance of Pool Finish

    As you are gearing up to remodel your pool, it is a good idea to evaluate the appearance of your pool finish. Over the years and seasons, the original finish on your pool may have become chipped, cracked, or worn with age. Your pool contractor can help you replace your worn out finish with luxurious tile or pool lining materials.

    Condition of Pool Decking

    Your pool contractor may also suggest that you replace your pool decking during your renovation. The condition of your pool deck will have a major impact on the safety and quality of your pool. New concrete or natural stone pool decking can transform the look of your pool area, while also providing you and your family members with a safe, non slip surface for walking.

    Overall Pool Shape

    When you are seeking a more dramatic change during your pool remodel, it is a terrific idea to consider changing the overall shape of your pool. An older pool shape can be updated with new curves, water features, or depth areas. By changing the shape of your pool, you will feel like you have a brand new pool in your backyard. Your contractor can answer your questions about the process of changing the shape of your pool.

  • How Owning a Pool Can Benefit You

    swimming pool tampa, custom pool builders tampa Think back to the last time you swam in a swimming pool. Was it fun? Did you feel more relaxed? Now imagine having unlimited access to your own swimming pool. Owning a swimming pool comes with a number of amazing benefits, which we’ve listed below. When you’re ready to get serious about installing a pool, contact a swimming pool company serving Tampa, FL .

    Boost Fun

    A swimming pool is a great incentive for kids to have fun outside, and can help bring out your own inner child. Marco Polo, splash battles, keep-away, pool noodle wars, jumping from the diving board—there are a million ways you and your family can enjoy your swimming pool. As it turns out, defying gravity is a lot of fun.

    Encourage Exercise

    With your busy schedule, you probably find it difficult to exercise as much as you want to. Installing a pool in your backyard can make exercise much more accessible. Whether you like swimming laps or water aerobics, a pool can do wonders for your health. Even just clowning around in the pool is a great means of exercise.

    Reduce Stress

    Between work life and family life, stress can loom large in the average household. A pool is a unique and effective means of combating stress. Imagine going for a quick dip after a long day at work and having all your worries float away. To really pump up the relaxation, consider cranking up some tunes, mixing a tasty drink, and kicking back in an inflatable raft.

    Increase Property Value

    You shouldn’t look at a pool installation as a superfluous expense. Once the pool is complete, you’ll find that it provides a handsome return on investment in the form of an increased property value. If and when you decide to sell your home, you’ll find that your pool increases your home’s overall appeal. Everyone loves a swimming pool.

  • Answers to Your Pool Questions

    swimming pool tampa, pool builder tampa It’s common for homeowners who are considering a new patio pool near Tampa, FL to have questions about the pool installation process . Here, you’ll find answers to a few frequently asked questions about new pool installations.

    • How long will it take? Your pool contractors want to give you a safe, sturdy, and beautiful pool in as little time as possible. On average, a pool can be completed in 21-29 working days after breaking ground.
    • Will a curved pool cost more than a rectangular one? Pools designed with curves aren’t necessarily more expensive than other shapes because the cost is determined by square footage, linear footage, materials, and any special options you select.
    • Can the weather affect construction? In Florida, extreme weather conditions can occur during certain seasons and can influence the ability of contractors to work outdoors. Your pool building company in Tampa, FL will keep in contact with you about any delays due to weather.