• The Importance of a Balanced Pool

    swimming pool tampa, pool builder tampa, patio pools When you own a swimming pool, chances are that this feature is among the most popular outdoor features on your property. From outdoor entertaining to water sports and more, your pool will provide your family and friends with ample recreational opportunities. After your pool builders have constructed your new pool, you will need to purchase swimming pool supplies that will help keep your water clean and fresh. A store that offers pool supplies in Tampa can offer you all of the chemicals and other products that you need to keep your pool water properly balanced. Here is a closer look at the importance of having a balanced pool.

    Ensure Safety

    Safety is among the most important reasons to keep your swimming pool water balanced. Whether your pool builders create a salt water pool or chlorine pool for your home, you will need to check to make sure that the pH of your pool water is balanced at all times. In the event that your pool’s pH is not balanced correctly, harmful germs and bacteria could build up in your pool water and pose a health risk to you and your loved ones.

    Maintain Comfort

    Along with ensuring your safety when you are enjoying your pool, balanced pool water will also keep you and your family comfortable when you are swimming and playing in your pool. When pool water becomes too acidic or alkaline, you may experience redness, irritation, or discomfort around your eyes and on your skin. With the right pH balance, your pool water will be comfortable for all of your swimming sessions.

    Prevent Corrosion

    Corrosion is a top concern for many pool owners. If your pool’s ladders, liners, or other metal elements begin to corrode, you may find yourself planning an extensive pool remodel. To prevent corrosion in your pool, you can keep your pool water balanced at all times. With the right pool chemistry, you can avoid the damaging effects of corrosion in your pool. A company offering pool supplies can help you achieve the right pH balance in your pool’s water.

  • Shocking a Pool

    After you install a new pool in Tampa , you will need to use pool chemicals to keep your pool water clean. Over the weeks and months, the water in in ground pools can become contaminated with oil, grease, suntan lotion, and other substances. By working with a company offering pool supplies, you will be able to find the right chemistry to remove these elements from your pool water. Many pool contractors recommend shocking a pool on a routine basis. When you shock a pool, you will add extra chlorine to ensure that your pool water is completely clear. To hear more from pool contractors about the process of shocking a pool, check out this video from Swimmingpool.com.

  • Hot Tub Safety Tips

    Pool Remodeling Tampa Swim spas are a fabulous addition to any pool remodeling project . When you choose to include a spa or hot tub in your pool designs, it is important to follow the essentials of swimming pool safety. There are several safety tips to keep in mind when you are enjoying your hot tub with your family. First, you should never allow infants or toddlers to enter the hot tub. The warm water of a spa can cause harm to very young children. If you are the parent of older children, you should make sure to supervise their use of your hot tub. As a general rule, people of any age should take breaks from warm hot tub water every 15 minutes or so. Finally, you should make sure to stay properly hydrated when you are enjoying your hot tub. For help creating the luxurious hot tub of your dreams, you should make sure to work with highly rated pool builders serving Tampa.