• How to Choose New Pool Water Features

    pool water feature, pool features tampa, pool builder tampa, pool company tampa One of the easiest ways to enhance the appeal of your swimming pool is to add special water features. A fountain, artificial spring, or pool can turn your yard into an attractive oasis from the Florida heat. However, you should plan carefully before installing a new water feature. Poorly conceived water features can be a drain on resources. Always consult a reputable company offering custom pool construction near Tampa, FL , for advice on the most appropriate water features for your property. There are a few factors you should bear in mind before installing a new water feature.

    Check Your Water Source

    If possible, make sure your water feature runs on reclaimed or recycled water. This is both more economical and better for the environment. You may wish to take advantage of natural run-off from a roof or other drainage system. Install a pan, bucket, or other receptacle to collect excess water that spills out around your water feature and funnel it back into the fountain or pool. If you are using a water pump, ensure that the pump has an automatic shut-off mechanism, to turn off the feature if water levels run too low. Check weather advisories regularly and keep abreast of local legislation. Switch off your water feature in the event of a drought. Even if you are using recycled water, water features do use up water reserves, since some water will evaporate during each cycle.

    Maintain Your Water Feature Carefully

    Keep your water feature in good condition. Check all piping and tubing regularly for leaks. Pay special attention to linkage points. Leaky tubing wastes water and prevents the water from flowing smoothly and evenly. Drain the system twice a year. Wipe down all surfaces carefully and clean all tubing. Avoid using harsh chemical cleansers which may contaminate groundwater. Check regularly for mosquito larvae to prevent an infestation of troublesome mosquitoes which may carry disease.

  • A Look at Some Fun Facts About Swimming Pools

    backyard pool, swimming pool, residential pool tampa fl, pool builder tampa Most people enjoy cooling off in or around swimming pools in Tampa, FL , in our hot, humid, Florida climate. There are a number of fun facts you may not know about pools and pool culture. For example, did you know that Florida is the only state which requires swimming instructors to be legally qualified to teach swimming?

    Different Kinds of Pools

    Swimming pools are popular in many countries in the world. In New Zealand, for example, there are 65,000 swimming pools for a total population of only 4,116,900. That’s one pool for approximately every 633 people. In addition to residential swimming pools, there are specially designed swimming pools for competitive sports. NCAA swimming pools have a regulation length of 25 meters. These pools are also known as short course pools. Olympic pools, by contrast, are 50 meters long. Olympic pools contain between 700,000 and 850,000 gallons of water. Swimmers also classify pools by speed. A pool is considered fast if relatively few waves form while swimming. Waves increase water resistance and slow swimmers down. To minimize waves and drag, fast pools use gutters to create an efficient drainage system. Deeper pools have fewer waves than shallower ones.

    Pools Old and New

    The first known concrete swimming pool in the United States was constructed in Texas in 1915 and is known as the Great Eddy Swimming Pool. Home swimming pools became popular in American after the Second World War, partly as a result of the fame of the actress and synchronized swimmer Esther Williams. MGM screened a number of popular musicals featuring synchronized swimming in the 1940s and 50s. Synchronized swimming was later to become an Olympic sport. It was first included in the 1984 Olympic Games. The outdoor swimming pool at the White House was built by order of then-president Gerald Ford in 1975. One year later, a secret passage was added, allowing the First Family and their visitors to access the pool without having to go outside.

  • A Look at Pool Remodeling

    pool construction, pool remodeling, pool reconstruction If you have been thinking of remodeling your swimming pool, our pool designers in Tampa, FL have a wide range of exciting options on offer. You may wish to consider installing a new cleaning system for your pool. Our state-of-the-art Polaris 360 poolside cleaner offers sweeping, scrubbing, and vacuuming functions, and does not require a separate booster pump.

    Alternatively, we can offer you new choices of poolside and in-pool lighting and heating systems. You might also consider installing a hot tub, to create a relaxing spa experience in your own garden. An outdoor kitchen can help you to entertain guests poolside. You could grill, or serve drinks or dinner under the stars. Swimming pool waterfalls and water features can also help to add visual interest and enhance your pool experience. Be sure to ask us about our eco-friendly green packages, which can help you save on water bills and protect the environment.

  • The Importance of a Balanced Pool

    swimming pool tampa, pool builder tampa, patio pools When you own a swimming pool, chances are that this feature is among the most popular outdoor features on your property. From outdoor entertaining to water sports and more, your pool will provide your family and friends with ample recreational opportunities. After your pool builders have constructed your new pool, you will need to purchase swimming pool supplies that will help keep your water clean and fresh. A store that offers pool supplies in Tampa can offer you all of the chemicals and other products that you need to keep your pool water properly balanced. Here is a closer look at the importance of having a balanced pool.

    Ensure Safety

    Safety is among the most important reasons to keep your swimming pool water balanced. Whether your pool builders create a salt water pool or chlorine pool for your home, you will need to check to make sure that the pH of your pool water is balanced at all times. In the event that your pool’s pH is not balanced correctly, harmful germs and bacteria could build up in your pool water and pose a health risk to you and your loved ones.

    Maintain Comfort

    Along with ensuring your safety when you are enjoying your pool, balanced pool water will also keep you and your family comfortable when you are swimming and playing in your pool. When pool water becomes too acidic or alkaline, you may experience redness, irritation, or discomfort around your eyes and on your skin. With the right pH balance, your pool water will be comfortable for all of your swimming sessions.

    Prevent Corrosion

    Corrosion is a top concern for many pool owners. If your pool’s ladders, liners, or other metal elements begin to corrode, you may find yourself planning an extensive pool remodel. To prevent corrosion in your pool, you can keep your pool water balanced at all times. With the right pool chemistry, you can avoid the damaging effects of corrosion in your pool. A company offering pool supplies can help you achieve the right pH balance in your pool’s water.

  • A Look at a Vanishing Edge Swimming Pool

    A vanishing edge pool is among the most luxurious and dramatic in ground pools that you can install in your backyard. When you are working with pool builders serving Tampa to create your pool designs, you may want to ask about incorporating a vanishing edge. With a vanishing edge, you will have an uninterrupted view of the beautiful scenery surrounding your property. For example, if your property has an ocean or mountain view, you can choose to highlight this property feature with a carefully placed vanishing pool installation. Your pool builders will work with you to help you create a vanishing edge pool that fits in perfectly with your property. For a closer look at a vanishing edge swimming pool, check out this video from Landscaping Network.

  • Heating Options for Your Pool

    heated pool tampa, pool builder tampa Some people see their swimming pools as instant escapes from the harsh heat of summer, while others like their in ground pools near Tampa to remain at a nice medium temperature. If you are on the pickier side when it comes to the temperature of your pool, you will not want to rely on the weather; instead, you will enjoy the enhanced control that a pool heater offers. Between solar heating, heat pumps, and heavy-duty pool heaters, you are sure to find the right heater for your needs. Continue reading for a quick preview of some of the heating options that are available for your pool.

    Solar Heating

    If you are interested in heating your pool using a passive method that does not harm the environment, solar heating may be your ideal choice. Heliocol heating systems help you harness the power of the sun and use it to heat your pool. In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, this heating method can allow you to save substantial amounts of money on each energy bill. Eventually your solar heating system may even be able to pay for itself in savings.

    Heat Pumps

    Although this option is not quite as energy-efficient as solar heating, a heat pump can be an affordable and manageable way to keep your pool up to the desired temperature. Pentair UltraTemp high performance heat pumps seek to collect heat from the outside air and use it to warm your pool water. While this does not match the energy efficiency boasted by solar heating methods, it is still much more efficient than other alternatives. Electric heaters and heat pumps both work to compress heat from the air and distribute the heat among your pool water. Even though heat pumps use less energy than gas or electric heaters, they still produce the same amount of heat.

    Heavy Duty Heaters

    Some homeowners need a heavy-duty unit that will not disturb the peace, and MasterTemp Eco-Friendly heaters perfectly fit this description. These heaters are reliable and efficient, and they operate quietly so you get to enjoy your luxury time without any interruptions.

  • Contemporary Ideas for Your Pool

    A new pool can provide fun, exercise, and relaxation for the whole family, but you may be stumped when it comes to swimming pool designs in Tampa . Consider giving your new pool a modern, contemporary design; the elements featured in this kind of design are interesting because they may exude luxury and simplicity at the same time. Watch this video clip for a few contemporary ideas for your pool.

    When it comes to contemporary designs of any kind, you will want to stay away from rounded edges and circles. Instead, go for sharp corners and stark contrasts. You can lay down a travertine paving that features different sized squares and rectangles; this is aesthetically pleasing and also offers the advantage of being slip-resistant. Consider adding short stone walls to your pool area for creative contemporary seating options. Mix your lawn and your pool area by alternating stripes of grass and pavement.

  • Ideas for Your Pool Deck Design

    Pool remodeling, including an updated deck design, is a great way to revamp your outdoor space and bring a fresh, updated feel to your yard. If you don’t have a specific idea in mind, look for pool contractors who specialize in modern swimming pool designs serving Tampa.

    The design of the deck around your pool is just as important to the overall look as the shape of the pool itself. For contemporary pool deck design ideas, watch this video. Pool companies have experience building many different designs for different customers, so they can find pool designs that will work for you.

  • Factors to Consider for Your Swimming Pool Design

    Whether you schedule a pool remodeling or hire pool builders to build a brand new swimming pool , you will need to start by designing your pool. The standard rectangle is always an option, but there are many other popular swimming pool designs in Tampa for you to consider. The pool will be the major visual element in your backyard, so you make sure you choose something that complements the design of your home. The three major factors to consider when it comes to pool designs are:


    Pool size is the aspect where you have the least choice and flexibility. The size of your yard determines how large your pool can be. Your city or planned community’s building code might also have safety regulations that set a minimum deck width for in-ground pools, so check the code before you decide that you absolutely must install an infinity pool. Also, consider pool depth—if you have young children, consider building a shallower pool with a less dramatic deep end.


    Many older pools are shaped like rectangles, though usually they have cut or rounded corners to create a less linear visual impact. If you swim laps as exercise and want to install a pool primarily for this purpose, a rectangle New swimming pool Tampa shape will suit your need best. But if you want to build a pool as a relaxing outdoor gathering spot for friends and family who don’t swim laps, you should consider irregular or rounded pool shapes that mimic natural ponds.

    To create a truly stunning visual impact, there are many add-ons you can incorporate into your pool design. Pool waterfalls not only look beautiful, they can also form part of your pool’s chemical treatment system and help avoid stagnant water. Underwater lighting allows you to use your pool at night and also serves an important safety function. A pool heater will allow you to use your pool almost 365 days a year, and an adjacent hot tub will help you relax at the end of a long work day.

  • Ideas for a New Swimming Pool

    It helps to have some idea of what you are looking for before you call your local pool builders serving Tampa , and many people choose to look around for inspiration. Swimming pool design leaves you with plenty of creative freedom, so feel free to experiment and draw up a few drafts to show your professional team. Watch this video for a few ideas for a new swimming pool.

    Look around the neighborhood when searching for ideas for a new swimming pool; this is particularly helpful if your yards all look similar to each other. Consider the size and shape of your yard and design your new pool accordingly. Your pool does not have to take up the entire backyard, and it may work out better as a destination within the yard. You will probably want to avoid areas that receive little sunlight or sections of your yard where trees are in abundance.