• Spotlight on Solar Pool Heating

    As the summer season draws to a close, you may want to start thinking about upgrading your pool heating system . With a new pool heater, you can make sure that your pool water is at a comfortable and consistent temperature, even if the weather is poor. Solar pool heating is a great option that is available for your pool. A solar pool heating system relies on energy from the sun to naturally raise the temperature of your pool water. A builder that specializes in pools near Tampa can walk you through the features of a solar pool heating design.

    One of the key benefits of solar pool heating is that this system uses no electricity. If you are looking for effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of your residential pool, you may want to consider upgrading to a solar pool heater. Solar heating is also a popular feature for new pool construction projects.

  • The Basics of Swimming Pools

    Owning a swimming pool can do wonders for recreation and relaxation. If you decide to install a pool on your Tampa, FL property, however, you’ll need to learn a thing or two about their basic function. This video can answer your most basic questions about how pools work.

    Pool water is constantly being recycled. First, the pool water is drawn through the pool’s main drain, skimmer, and vacuum port. Then, the water is sent through the pump, filter, and heater before returning to the pool via the wall fittings. If you’re still confused, be sure to check out this video—it includes a helpful animation that provides a visual representation of how pools work.

  • How Owning a Pool Can Benefit You

    swimming pool tampa, custom pool builders tampa Think back to the last time you swam in a swimming pool. Was it fun? Did you feel more relaxed? Now imagine having unlimited access to your own swimming pool. Owning a swimming pool comes with a number of amazing benefits, which we’ve listed below. When you’re ready to get serious about installing a pool, contact a swimming pool company serving Tampa, FL .

    Boost Fun

    A swimming pool is a great incentive for kids to have fun outside, and can help bring out your own inner child. Marco Polo, splash battles, keep-away, pool noodle wars, jumping from the diving board—there are a million ways you and your family can enjoy your swimming pool. As it turns out, defying gravity is a lot of fun.

    Encourage Exercise

    With your busy schedule, you probably find it difficult to exercise as much as you want to. Installing a pool in your backyard can make exercise much more accessible. Whether you like swimming laps or water aerobics, a pool can do wonders for your health. Even just clowning around in the pool is a great means of exercise.

    Reduce Stress

    Between work life and family life, stress can loom large in the average household. A pool is a unique and effective means of combating stress. Imagine going for a quick dip after a long day at work and having all your worries float away. To really pump up the relaxation, consider cranking up some tunes, mixing a tasty drink, and kicking back in an inflatable raft.

    Increase Property Value

    You shouldn’t look at a pool installation as a superfluous expense. Once the pool is complete, you’ll find that it provides a handsome return on investment in the form of an increased property value. If and when you decide to sell your home, you’ll find that your pool increases your home’s overall appeal. Everyone loves a swimming pool.

  • Circulating Your Pool Water

    Your residential pool requires regular upkeep, and part of that is ensuring that your patio pool has good circulation. Swimming pools are designed to pull water through the suction lines into the wet end portion of the pump, which includes a strainer lid, gasket, diffuser, basket, impeller, and shaft seal. The water is moved out of the pump and into the filter and finally, back into the pool. Watch this video to learn more about circulating your pool water.

    Pumps are sized according to horsepower. If you notice bubbles moving back from the return lines into the pool, there’s a good chance that your pool’s pump basket is filled with debris and is preventing enough water from circulating through the system. Other causes can be a cracked pump lid or a worn down gasket which both allow air into the system. If you recognize or suspect any problems with your pool pump, contact a pool repair company in Tampa, FL.

  • Adding Extras to Your Pool

    You’ve built your pool to enjoy, so why not enjoy a custom outdoor kitchen in Tampa, FL, as well? When you’ve gone to all this work to install a beautiful pool, don’t let it be wasted by going inside. Bring your kitchen outside where you and the family can grill and dine in the cool air as the pool water laps gently against the deck.

    Customization doesn’t have to stop at your swimming pool. Creating a custom outdoor kitchen can go a long way toward making your backyard the ultimate haven. You can entertain guests and host barbecues, while your children and friends play pool games a few feet away. You can install almost any kitchen appliance you may want, from refrigerators to grills. Every appliance is built to last outdoors, so you won’t have any weather or elemental concerns damaging your outdoor kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Call your outdoor kitchen builder, and get started on building your dream backyard.